Beautiful ballet classes from the comfort of your home!

Do you have a budding ballet dancer at home who would love to learn? They can start now with our Ballet Brigade classes for kids. Our programme provides children with the opportunity to learn ballet no matter where they are in the world!


The Ballet Brigade team have been bringing beautiful ballet classes to children for nearly a decade in the United Kingdom and we are so excited to expand our reach online so that children from across the world can experience the joy of ballet and learn in the comfort of their own home! 

To take one of our ballet classes, just click below:


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What are parents saying about The Ballet Brigade?

Thank you for an awesome first class. Mia really enjoyed it. Ché did her own thing for most of the time and decided tutus are overrated 😊. Leo enjoyed jumping and clapping for a couple of minutes...on Mommy's couch. We look forward to the next class.  - Surita

My daughter and my 2-year-old son wanted to dance😂 they both loved it....he also wanted to have a ballet dress like his sister...........😂 - Robert

Thank you, Miss Nicola, my daughter loves you. - Stephanie

Thank you so much for the online class this morning. Both my girls had a ton of fun! - Natasha

Thank you for a lovely time - Jessica loved it !!! - Kyle

 My grandson loved the class. He has been showing off what he learnt all day. Thank you so much from Johannesburg South Africa - Helena

Àleaha joined and done ballet for the first time ever. She enjoyed and has found a new love. Will have to sign her up thanks Miss Nicola! - Sharon-Lee

We both wait to catch your classes...the world has many teachers but teaching like yours is amazing and make dance class so keep this spirit - Anika & Mummy

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